Glass armor serves as protection for the characters in the popular game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This light armor kit is available to many. They can be used by thieves and mercenaries with whom Dovakin will meet on the way. The ability to wear skyrim glass armor is race independent. The characters in them begin to meet somewhere after the thirtieth level. They are similar to the carved armor of the Nords and can serve as an excellent replacement for best light armor in skyrim. To be able to make or modify a set of armor, you must have the ability, called "glass armor". You can acquire it at the level 70 skills "Blacksmithing." Without the ingredients necessary for the manufacture, such as 3 pieces of leather strips, as well as 4 pieces of malachite, 2 pieces of moonstone and 1 piece of leather, it is impossible to make glass armor. To improve the quality of any of the elements, on the workbench it is necessary to have refined malachite, at least one ingot. Where and how can I create or find this ingot? In Skyrim there is only one single mine for the extraction of malachite and it is located near the Kin grove, which is located in the city of Eastmark. Its name is "Hot Steam." Begin with ore mining. For this, tools are used - a simple pickaxe, a notched and a stonecutter. Approaching the ore vein, we activate the pickaxe. The vein gives, as a rule, 3 pieces of ore. In this case, malachite. Then, the extracted malachite ore must be remelted in smelters into malachite ingots. At the last stage, weapons are created in the forge or armor is forged.

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